server and people however, the information is more and more developed in the information network, Internet users to query the information of need more and more difficult, so the emergence of the catalogue, search engines and other tools, to facilitate users to quickly find their target information. Among them, the search engine is what we said today, Shanghai Love Valley brother etc.. These tools have become the main entrance network, basically rely on the main users. In Chinese even formed a "problem, please love Shanghai". algorithm’s complexity and confidentiality, decided it is not possible to know, but things are constantly changing, from the fundamental, the basic factors can still groping out, so the birth of Shanghai Dragon technology, along with[…]

in the A5 was happy and meet you again, I will discuss the topic today is a new problem, read a lot of related articles about this problem, but I want to say today, everyone is rarely mentioned and not easy to pay attention to. program, after examination, found a lot of problems, the source code written in a very complex to the spider is not friendly, for example: your house is very beautiful, but the house was like a garbage station, someone would love to go to your home? Spider is the same, if the code is not reasonable, not the spider’s appetite then, he would often come to the. Here the issue of source images will not upload,[…]

every day there will be a lot of people on the QQ, and this number has been in rapid growth. QQ games people play is too many to count. Now QQ users has reached a point where it is difficult to imagine. No one can know this place will be, nobody can see how many people are here, just like a long history, with no end in sight, like an abyss, people do not have a sense of security. However, here we can use large user groups, in order to publicize their site. First of all, we all know that there are a large number of users QQ group, which is a lot of potential flow, and there is a[…]

two, the chain. Links. Is similar to the content on your site "exchange, as between the two countries friendly to each other. But if the other site has more than 30 Links. Prove to give to your weight very little, so don’t exchange Links. Since it is Links, so friendship is very important. As everyone knows, the weight of link will according to this link existent time to calculate, so you need to exchange with each other to do something about communication, at least QQ add a friends, if friends others from your Links or other, do not cry to go. So I think when Links is best friends with a mind to do, only in the presence of long-term[…]

      the above phenomenon prompted me to love it "analysis of the experience of Shanghai source.       analysis of why love Shanghai experience, because of the recent findings do love Shanghai experience weight is very high. Higher than the similar love Shanghai know. Here is an example: Shanghai then we see it for the picture: obviously, from the above code, we see the love experience of Shanghai can be said that the header file title directory clear, part of the keywords control in two words, content is selected is a title, one is the long tail keywords. By looking at the experience of others, the situation is the same. The title + title key word. The[…]

is the most original content of spider love, and will give high weight. Here you need special instructions, the search engine is still very strong, don’t think the others, plus some, such is his own, that is. The search engine is still very high degree of understanding of the original, to remind the majority of Shanghai Longfeng novice to have a good Shanghai dragon mentality, do not feel a little change is their original. website optimization is divided into internal and external optimization optimization of two parts, no matter which part, as long as the optimization to achieve the ultimate, will have very considerable effect, here Alex to summarize and optimize the experience of 5 years, to introduce the rapid[…]

· the old station if the link is poor, said abnormal quality. · if the total station link ratio is too high, said there is abnormal. Shanghai Longfeng index can be observed at sites of constitution, single data or short-term data usually do not see why, but if the long-term observation, or compare (compared to the different website), you can see some of the trends, and early detection of abnormal signs. is the primary indicator of the Shanghai dragon from Shanghai love love Shanghai statistics, Webmaster Platform and other tools, mainly various types of flow, the user how to arrive at the site, as well as the search engine index is related to the addition of Shanghai Longfeng index is[…]

in order to clear to this situation in the end is what causes, so in particular wrote this article to consult master, if a webmaster know the reasons, can contribute to the A5 detailed analysis, here I believe there are many webmaster and I would like to know the answer. In this paper, by love station network (webmaster website) 贵族宝贝08az贵族宝贝 original share. Thank you for your help when reproduced down link the situation encountered no other webmaster, I often see in the network if the article is the site was hung black chain, the weight will drop by slow down, never found this article I write, hanging black chain is the rapid rise. My friend told me jokingly, I have[…]

is one of the biggest typical, and he has repeated viral promotion. you have , you introduce your friends, and your friends will apply for too. You add your friends, and your friends chat with you. The foundation of your endless circle of friends and friends is based on . Q> is most suitable for venture entrepreneurs just a novice, have a vision, or dare to rush into danger of entrepreneurs, because they are willing to take a gamble for their own future, "let’s change the world" is the entrepreneur’s creed. Of course, this kind of venture capital often appears on such as "annual maximum investment list". viral marketing and viral marketing are different expressions of the same concept, all[…]

if you’re letting self doubt stop you from jumping into the big business, let’s make a mental change. In fact, you don’t need money, you don’t need risk tolerance, and you don’t even need an idea. All you need to know is that you deserve a journey to start a business. We are serious in saying so.   there is no such thing as entrepreneurial genes in the world. On the contrary, driven by entrepreneurs really want to solve the problem of passion, and they will bite through the difficulties — this is the characteristic of the two anyone can learn through hard work. And we witness this happening every day at Indiegogo. anyone can be an entrepreneur, Jon Sumroy[…]